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About Us

Welcome to Big Little Store, the home of fun, unique and stylish beads! 

Looking for a trusty, friendly and unique supplier for your bead needs? Look no further! We are here to say hello and introduce you to a beautiful selection of beads, from dainty glass beads, to wonderfully wacky acrylic beads. 

Our Story

Big Little Store began its journey in 2013, specialising in beaded jewellery and handcrafted jewellery. But as the business grew and new opportunities arose, we decided we didn't want to just sell jewellery, but also the supplies to make it! We became passionate about growing our stock and products to supply other small businesses and support their creative needs. What started as a small jewellery making business in a spare room turned in to a vibrant and colourful shop in Liskeard, Cornwall that not only sells a huge selection of beads, but also unique gifts and jewellery. 

But our journey didn't stop here... Big Little Store has gone through a HUGE transformation over the Pandemic Lockdown. Like many other small businesses, we had to adapt and change the way we operated, and as a result, our growth has been amazing. When the Lockdown hit, we weren't prepared for our sales to drastically increase, due to more people being at home and taking up beading hobbies. The first 2 months were hectic, processing endless amounts of orders each day. This was a definite turning point for Big Little Store, as we updated our website, implemented new order systems and packing technology. With this organisation came even more growth.

We now have a stockroom brimming with beautiful beads, including glass, clay, acrylic, gemstones, a huge variety of findings and threads and much more. 

Not only are we passionate about our stock, we have many other qualities that make us the go to bead shop for small businesses. 

Our Ethos

We are passionate about being the go to bead and craft supplier for not only small businesses, but also individuals looking for a fun hobby. Our mission is to offer quality products that can be relied upon at affordable prices, giving everyone the opportunity to experience the beading lifestyle.

We are always here to welcome customers into our shop, answer all bead related questions or simply just to say hello! We take customer care very seriously here at Big Little Store and are always here to respond to your enquiries. We don't want to be any old supplier, but the friendly bead shop our customers can always rely on. 

Our Social Media 

Over the past year, our social media, especially Instagram, has had a thorough bead make over! We are passionate about great bead photography and showing off our products to our crafty followers. This has been an incredible journey so far, giving us the chance to interact with incredible jewellery designers and seeing our beads in actions. We LOVE to chat with our followers and keep up with what they are using our beads for. It is always so rewarding to see our beads being used by many small businesses! If you would like to be part of our beading community on Instagram, follow us at


Want to pop in and say hi? Find out about our shop in Bodmin, Cornwall here.